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Extended Bio: Tom Laine

  Hi, I´m Tom, nice to see you here. A few words about who´s talking.

I´m a semi-professional start-upper (sort of, see below), having made a career out of combining recruitment practices, IT and Social Media first in Finland, then in Denmark, in the UK and now back in Finland again.

This is my 3rd career – 1st one was in music biz, 2nd in subcontracting, and now this. In all these I´ve been somehow involved in one of the before mentioned categories I´m combining now – been starting the 1st Internet record shop in Finland, used staffing and networking practices in industrial subcontracting, worked for Oracle in marketing using Social Media tools, and then started systematically using Social Media in staffing as one of the very 1st European IT recruiters while in the UK.

During years I´ve authored a couple of publications in IT, innovations, and social media, studied degrees in Sales, Marketing, and IT, and managed to find a wife and have 2 kids at some point in between. So it´s been busy, but that´s just the way I like it. You see, while working at these before mentioned jobs, at the same time I´ve been involved in starting up a handful of start-ups varying from eCommerce to Environmental Consulting to Mobile Marketing to Software IPR Consulting. Full BIO can be found below. Enjoy your time here and feel free to get in touch if any comments or questions!


Name: Tom Laine

Nationality: Finnish

Address: Oulu, Finland

Phone: +358 400 296 196

Skype: tomlaine

Twitter: @lainetom


Dad of 2, husband to 1…

Short summary:

Social Networking & Social Media blogger, lecturer and strategist, IT & BI staffing & recruitment pro, start-up’er, Crowdsourcing enthusiast.


Social media, social networks, travelling, sky-diving, arts, books, music, movies, IT recruitment, web start-ups, social CRM & social BI, mobile media, crowdsourcing.


Social networks, social media, SoMe revenue logics, LinkedIn, mobile media, Crowdsourcing, Recruitment, partner networks, web start-ups, networking, cloud services

Work experience – responsibilities and achievements

2012 – Innozed Oy,

CEO, Co-Founder

Innozed is building a game-changing crowdsourcing service for organisations to engage their communities into certain type of problem solving and product/business development processes. Pilots done in Finland, USA and Afghanistan, currently negotiating in 22 countries. Operations run from Oulu, Helsinki and San Francisco.

2011 – 2012 Multi Solution Oy


Specialist consultancy. Multi Solution is building a portfolio of various types of company and product ownership, currently holding a portfolio of joint ventures or shares of Fantastec Oy and Cushy Software, and product rights on Smart Logistics, Smart Docs, cERP, and InterestID. 3 new joint ventures announced during Q2/2012.

Offices in Helsinki and Oulu.

Jan 2008 – HC Services Oy

Co-Founder, Investor, CEO

Started off with HC Services first as an investor only, later on acquired full ownership and re-focused operations, currently focus being at social media services.


Jun 2009 – Feb 2011 BI-IT Solutions Ltd Oy (Part of VMPGroup, c. 160 pers., B2B),

CEO, Founder. IT Recruitment company with a Social Media twist.

Sold majority of the company to VMP Group after long negotiations in February 2010 and the rest in late November 2010, stayed as CEO until Feb 2011.

BI-IT Solutions has offices in Oulu and Helsinki.

Company core processes are all based on Social Media tools, networks and online communication tools.

Jan 2008 – Jun 2009 ElanIT Resource Oy (A Manpower Company) (c. 3000 pers., B2B),

Nordic Resource Mngmt/International Subcontracting Agent. IT Recruitment company.

Responsible for ElanIT’s Nordic resource channel building, subcontractor network establishing, etc.

Tools, CV database and portal development, advertising channel planning and negotiations, social media and networking specialism, networking tool evaluations.

Reporting to the Nordic Director in the UK and the Nordic Country Managers’ Board, not to any individual country as such.

Dec 2006 – Jan 2008 Executive Net Ltd., UK (<10 pers, B2B, B2G),

Principal Consultant. IT Recruitment company.

Reporting to CEO.

2006 Huntress Search Ltd, UK (250-300 pers., B2B, B2G),

Senior Consultant. IT Recruitment company.

Focus on IT-projects, partnerships and new business development in Northern Europe.

Activities also included PSL/Key Account Management, and Partnerships and Supplier contracts.

Introduced the team a social media approach.

Moved to Finland for family reasons late 2006.

2006 Templeton & Partners Ltd, UK (10-50 pers, B2B),

Marketing Executive/IT Recruiter. IT Recruitment Agency.

Head-hunted to Huntress IT. Started using social media in recruitment practices systematically.

Reporting to CEO.

2005 Oracle, Denmark (> 50.000 pers., B2B, B2G, B2G)

Channel Campaign Manager for Finland and Sweden.

Responsible for marketing activity planning and execution with/to partners, specific campaigns tailored for partners’ needs.

Nordic-level campaign management, assisting sales territory planning, event and channel marketing, channel sales and partner recruitment.

Campaign microsites, telemarketing, print media, banner, online and email marketing activities, Social Media, lead generation resource allocation.

Building successful channel from the scratch for a new SME SBU.

Reporting to BU Director.

Best results in Europe in pipeline creation for fiscal year’s main channel campaign with Finland, measured in total pipeline USD (Germany came 2nd).

2004 Turku Polytechnic

Project Researcher.

Employed for an R&D -project, funded by/made for Nokia Oyj.

1999 – February 04 Teikit Oy (5-15 pers., B2C, B2B, B2G)

Managing Director (CEO, 2001- ), Partner, Member of the Board, (Production Manager -2001).

Key responsibilities: HR, Intranet/Extranets/EDI, business, marketing & strategy planning, KAM, production optimisation, import, SCM/logistics, CRM, bidding/contracts.

Industrial subcontracting company + own products + graphical design.

Full company turn-around.

Full responsibility of teams up to 15 people + subcontractors.

1998 – 1999 Kilpi-Laine ky (<10 pers., B2B, B2C, B2G)

Graphic Designer.

Merger with Mainospoika –> Teikit Oy

1992 – 1998 R. Kanerva Records ky (<10 pers., B2B, B2C)

From Vendor to Stock/Shop Manager.

Duties e.g. management of Internet Sales/e-commerce activities, SCM, CRM, mail catalogue design, purchasing and advertising.

Involved in building the 1st Internet record shop in Finland.

Responsible for product selection, stock and customer/product/invoicing databases.

The company consisted of record company, record shops, Internet sales, mail order and importing entertainment-related products.

National unofficial music salesman contest winner in 1996.

1988-1992 part-time.

Additionally have been involved in starts-ups and small companies aside other positions:

Jan 2012 – *Confidential*, UK

Employer Branding and Social Recruitment Specialist, minority shareholder

Dec 2011 – Innozed


Dec 2011 – Pätkä


Nov 2011 – *Confidential*


Nov 2010 – SomePitching

Co-Founder, Chairman

November 2011 – InterestID


InterestID is bringing a whole new aspect to event management all the way from registration upfront, communicating during, and discussing after the event. Additionally there are aspects for the actual Live-event coordination, visual look, and enabling the most efficient way of live networking that has been introduced anywhere so far.

October 2011 – WeTell Networks


WeTell Enterprise communication tool brings enterprise communication to a new level, with a social media twist.

May 2011 – Starttaamo

Co-Founder, Board Member

Sept 04 – Dec 2007 Sukseet Works Ltd., UK, FIN (<10 pers., B2B, B2G)

Owner, Principal consultant.

IPR- and management-consulting for IT-industry, special staffing activities, Social Media expertise.

Joined Nordic-level study “IPR best practice for Nordic SMEs” (Published March 2005) with Leogriff A/S (Norway), funded byNordic Innovation Centre.

Expanded and registered in the UK, another consultant running the business there, collaboration partner in Sweden. Aside other positions!

Sep 03 – Feb 06 Luonto-Suomi Oy (<10 pers., B2B, B2C)

Partner, Member of the Board.

Internet portal/web shop and an e-commerce project. Marketing & sales planning, strategy. Aside other positions!

2001 – August 2003 Green Innovation (10 pers., B2B, B2C)

Partner, Member of the Board, Project Manager.

Environmental consulting and e-commerce company.

Acted as an advisor of contracting, business and marketing issues/strategies/plans, as well as created new products and services.

Project Manager for a web shop project.

Left to join spin-off Luonto-Suomi Oy. Aside Teikit Oy.

2000 – 2002 Tom Laine t:mi (1 pers., B2B)


Graphic, advertisement and logo design services. Aside Teikit Oy.

1999 – 2000 Nuuse Solutions (<10 pers., B2B, B2C)

Partner, Member of the Board.

Pre-seed stage mobile marketing and solutions start-up.

Graphical mobile terminal solutions (downloadable/pre-installed) and SMS/MMS -marketing/-networking solution.

Business, sales and marketing planning responsibility, partner & VC contacts. Aside Teikit Oy.

Additionally assisted in setting up several other businesses in various fields since 2000.


2002-2005 Bachelor of Science (IT/Software Engineer)

Information Technology / Software, Turku Polytechnic/IHK Denmark, Night school

Specialized in software R&D, IPRs and e-business

2 years in Finland aside work, 1 year at Engineering University College of Copenhagen (IHK Denmark) incl. 6 months European Project Semester as Project Manager (graded 11, excellent)

Bachelor’s thesis participated in national thesis-competition finals (graded 5, excellent)

Graduated 1 year faster than normal schedule

EPS research project published June 2005, sponsored by Siemens Denmark

Thesis published as a book, copies distributed to at least 8 countries

Special studies in IT-Marketing, Intl Telco’s and Asian business & culture (at Åbo Akademi University)

2001-2002 Degree in Marketing

Diploma in Business & Administration / Customer Service & Marketing, Turku Commercial College (Kauppaoppilaitos, YO-Merkonomi), Night school

Graduated 1 year faster than normal schedule

1988-1989 Degree in Sales

Diploma in Business & Administration / Sales, Raisio Commercial College (Kauppaoppilaitos, YO-Merkantti)

Professional Training

2007 Approbatur-degree studies in Customer Service & Marketing, Jyväskylä Open University

2006 Huntress Internal Sales Training Camp

2005 A couple of dozen Oracle internal application and sales trainings (SPIN) at Oracle University

1991-1992 Commercial English studies, level C (advanced), Helsinki Marketing Institute

1990-1992 Studies in International Trade, Turku Commercial College

Language skills

Finnish, mother tongue

English, excellent

Swedish, very good understanding, good spoken

Danish, very good understanding (written), basic spoken

Norwegian, very good understanding (written), basic spoken

German, very good understanding (written), basic spoken

French, basic


Computer Software Development & Patenting Computer-Implemented Inventions, Turku Polytechnic Publishing 2004, ISBN 952-5113-79-5. Published as an e-book at

Co-authored research publication “IPR best practice for Nordic SMEs” (March 2005). A research publication for Nordic Innovation Centre about ICT- and biotech- sector IPR-practices, personally conducting research and interviews in Finland and Denmark, support for Norway and Sweden.

Research report “eGovernment services for European SMEs in the field of Innovations” for IHK Denmark, sponsored by Siemens. Project management for a European-level co-operational study.

6 extra points:

Member of Mensa Finland since 1997

Member of Revontuli-ryhmä since 2010

The most networked person in Finland (@ Linkedin)

Won both sales skills and application knowledge team competitions at Oracle Ireland European HQ in 2005

Have provided recruitment industry analysis for 6 major U.S.-based investment organisations as an external analyst via GLG Councils.

Did research on Nordic IT staffing markets for a major European stock exchange listed company in 2006.

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