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A job advertising trend in the making?

One of the most interesting recruitment ads I´ve seen in a long, long time came out a couple of weeks ago in the U.S. by a company called Enterasys. They are looking for a social media pro of the best kind.

What makes the job ad stand out so much, is how they are accepting applications and reviewing candidates. As a matter of fact, they don´t accept applications as many of us are used to, no resumes accepted. Instead, they expect the candidates to use social media to promote themselves for the job. They are using Twitter as the tool of choice to accept applications, in the form of tweets.

The rules go like this.

– Must send a tweet (a status update in Twitter that is), including a hashtag #socialCV. The messages should be targeted to @ValaAfshar account, the account of the hiring manager.

– Candidates must have a Klout score above 60, first time I see this being an actual criteria for the job! This was something I predicted happening in an earlier social media trending post for 2013 here.

– Must have Kred score above 725 and min. outreach of 8. This being the first time ever I´ve seen Kred even being mentioned in a job ad!

– Must present skills and experience with links to personal blogs, social media activity, news, peer influence, etc. Which sort of goes with the job.

– Must have more than 1000 active Twitter followers. This being an interesting figure, especially for a personal account of the applicant.

– LinkedIn and other social media profiles and references may be used in addition.

And… the company states openly that they will use Google and other relevant tools to check upon the applicants´ web presence!



Enterasys job description


This is a sort of situation that I hope will open the eyes of those more traditional recruiters and HR managers to the use of social media and to being a bit more creative n finding the best talent.

It´s a brave new world, no need for CVs, job boards, recruiters and headhunters anymore?! 

This will be in the very core of my speech at #TRUHelsinki event in Helsinki, Finland, April 9th (my slot is at 11 am). We´re in the middle of a rapidly changing industry and times regarding recruitment in general. Lots of major shifts in rules, processes and methods, not to talk about tools and technology.

Stay tuned, I´ll write here a full blog post on the subject of not needing CVs, job boards and recruiters in the near future… With some interesting other examples to prove my point. In the meantime, keep liking and sharing this one and read the earlier posts.

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  1. Anthony

    So, a year on are Klout and Kred still meaningful? I very rarely hear about them these days.

    10.3.2014 16:55 | #1 @
  2. bandar togel

    Must have more than 1000 active Twitter followers. This being an interesting figure, especially for a personal account of the applicant.

    28.12.2016 00:11 | #2 @

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