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About the blog…

Hi, welcome to the SocialMediocracy blog! Like the name says, there´s nothing fancy here, just mediocrate stories and opinions on social-everything. And once I get annoyed or get one of these brilliant ideas of mine, I might write about just about anything that bugs me at that time. So consider yourself warned, ´who this point passes, may throw away all hope´.

Seriously, I´m one of those people who can´t sleep at nights when there´s so much I would want to say and so many wild ideas in my head that I dare not speak out loud, so I thought I´d share here some of those late night thoughts with anyone who wants to listen.

I´ve done one career in music biz, another one running an industrial subcontracting niche market leader, and now doing third career as the CEO of a Consulting company and a startupper, trying to combine all my experience, educations, networks and ´brilliant´ ideas into a mash-up blog of all things interesting. And since I´ve been working heavily with social media for quite many years and many of my current businesses are really built on those, I consider having a fairly broad view on what´s done wrong in the past, hoping to share some of that knowledge to anyone interested in making things better the next time around. I´ve lately been more and more involved in Social Media events, lecturing, writing, planning strategies and evaluating revenue models, and I´m happy that Social Media is finally picking up in the Finnish business field as well. I may have a story or two to tell you about that… Tune in, turn on, don´t drop out!

Ps. For a full bio check out link at the top of the page, and should you want to check me out at any of the hundreds of networks I´m at, feel free to connect!

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8 Responses


  1. Genna Mcglinn

    I`ve been reading your posts and of course continue to do so. the info here is super! nice job

    1.11.2010 04:52 | #1
    • Tom

      Thanks, appreciate it!

      2.11.2010 00:18 | #2
  2. Fabiola

    Hi 🙂 Is it OK that I go a bit off topic? I am trying to view the blog on my new iPod Touch but it won’t show correctly, do you have any solutions? Shall I try and find an upgrade for my computer or something? Thanks in advance! Fabiola x 🙂

    1.11.2010 15:25 | #3
    • Tom

      Hmm, perhaps it’s a Word Press theme issue… ayone? I really don’t know how to help you, sorry. Maybe the theme is not optimized correctly…?

      2.11.2010 00:17 | #4
  3. Tom

    Thank you so much. So many positive comments keep lifting up my spirits and I promise to work even harder for the upcoming posts.

    7.11.2010 22:11 | #5
  4. Caryn Guerriero

    I am extremely fired up that I found your blog. I’m going to do some additional looking at and try to be an active person with your various other members. I’m excited to read a lot more.

    8.11.2010 09:34 | #6
    • Tom

      Looking forward to your contribution!

      8.11.2010 22:21 | #7
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