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Testing Thinglink photo tagging tool

So you may have heard about this new thing called Thinglink… or perhaps not.

Netcycler Badge system


Whether you have or not, doesn´t really make a difference. Cause one thing´s for sure, you´ll be hearing a whole lot about it soon enough. Here´s a little insight why. Actually, I´ll just drop a little hint about it, there´ll be an interesting announcement regarding Thinglink in a matter of days.

Thinglink is a tagging tool like nothing else ever before. What if you could include links to any relevant place on the web in any photo online? Or linking items or people in a photo with music?! Or… well, in the next post I´ll tell you what more. This is just a teaser, remember. Start thinking broader, what else could you enable by tagging photos? The answer is staring right at you, you just need to have the mindset. Actually if you dig into Thinglink a bit deeper, it´s quite clearly stated there. But I´ll be writing a review on the upcoming announcement, hope to shed some more light into new ways of seeing photos, in a matter of days. Also, some step-by-step media footage will follow.

See you here in a couple of days, okay?!

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