noun: a dominant class consisting of mediocre people, or a system in which mediocrity is rewarded.

Back when Mark Zuckerberg basically stole the idea of Facebook, he had no grand plans for world domination; it was basically a “Hot or Not” type site where he posted photos from Harvard’s network for the university’s community to rate. Well, what a difference a decade makes. Zuckerberg becomes a billionaire and Facebook becomes an echo chamber of mediocrity. Granted, by far the largest one of its kind, ever. But still…

Twitter is no better. In fact, it’s probably a worse dumpster fire than Facebook because of their seeming inability to stamp out abuse on the platform. And don’t get me started on the vanity of Instagram.

Social Media has become the blight on the internet landscape. But it’s one that’s not going anywhere soon, and one that we all – whether consumer or business owner – need to learn how to navigate. How do you avoid the pile-ons? The perpetually offended? The out-of-nowhere one-star reviews?

The underlying issue is the performative aspect of social media – presenting yourself to be something you’re not. There’s now a whole generation of social media users who’ve grown up with the mantra “Like me”.

We’re here to show you not only how to avoid the mud-slinging, but how to thrive, how to get the most out of your social media experience, how to rise above the noise and actually thrive on social media. If you run a business, social media is a powerful tool. You’ve probably heard “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product”